Rocktown History has vast and growing collections of archives, artifacts, photographs, and research library books. You can peruse the collections through our PastPerfect museum software portal.

Archives are original historical documents that provide tangible evidence of past lives and events. An Archive is also the place that holds the historical documents.

Photographs are also considered to be archival documents, even though photos aren’t always presented on paper. The process to catalog photographic images is different from traditional archives, so the Photo Archives get their own category.

The shelves in the Genealogy and Research library offer you thousands of titles to assist your family or local history research. Note: the Library uses the term local broadly; resources extend well beyond Harrisonburg and Rockingham County.

Little fyi: objects are called artifacts in museum-speak. Looking for an old woodworking tool or ideas for a quilt? Start with a general keyword and see what catches your eye!

Donate to the Collections

The Rocktown History collections have grown through the generosity of individual donors. We are honored to be entrusted with local history treasures. We are particularly interested in adding items which help tell broad stories and fill gaps (for example, minority and immigrant stories).

If you would like to contribute a piece of history, please contact our staff. Donations are reviewed by committee and considered for the Artifact, Archive, Library, and Photo collections based on Collections Policy criteria. The more information you can provide regarding your proposed donation’s relevance to Harrisonburg-Rockingham history, the better!