Our roots run deep.

Find yourself at Rocktown History.

Genealogy research is not only an important way to trace your heritage, it can also offer many other meaningful benefits, like:

  • Mental stimulation – excite your brain, ignite your imagination, and have something to focus on intently.
  • Social benefits – meet new people who are also interested in tracing their family roots.
  • Deeper personal identity – discovering the lives of your ancestors helps put your own life experiences into a broader context and provides a greater sense of belonging.
  • Family bonding – learning about family history can bring people together and encourage intergenerational storytelling and the passing on of traditions.

Our extensive Genealogy & Research Library offers a wide and deep collection of records, photographs, and documents, plus staff and volunteers to help you in your search. Additionally, library visitors have access to our Archives and to these popular online databases:

Search Our Online Databases

For decades, dedicated volunteers transcribed a wide variety of historical records into our library computer. Details from genealogy book indexes, WPA records, births, deaths, and marriages; and more form databases, accessible in the Rocktown History library.

We are grateful for a new volunteer who has made it possible to return the databases to online search. To date, the Cemetery and Obituary databases have been uploaded to the website, and the process is continuing with other legacy data. Data entry continues for several databases and new scanning projects are enhancing the resources, as volunteer support is available.

Members have access to all online records. Guests have access to summary information.

Not able to visit? Hire a researcher!

Whether you are just starting your family tree or trying to find that last connection, researchers are ready to help! Researchers will search in the Rocktown History | HRHS Genealogy Library records and resources. Please note that you are paying for the researcher’s time, not results.

Fees are as follows:

  • Members: $20/hour per surname
  • Non-Members: $25/hour per surname
  • Minimum 2 hours each surname
  • Research at the Rockingham County courthouse is an additional $10.
  • Extraordinary travel or other unexpected research costs may incur extra fees. We will contact you first.

To hire a researcher, please follow these steps:
1. Complete the Research Request Form
2. Provide payment (see options at end of form)

NOTE: Please be specific when you state the information you are seeking, and indicate how extensively you would like the records to be searched.

The researchers will conduct the search and mail/email their findings to you. If the authorized time is not needed, the balance of your prepaid fees will be refunded to you.

It is the best source for genealogical research in the area.

It is one of the best genealogical libraries I’ve researched. Staff is very helpful and knowledgeable.

Went there with questions, came out with answers.