Old South High: Historical Investigations of Harrisonburg Landmarks

November 17, 2022, 7p | In-person and Zoom Webinar

With E. K. Knappenberger, Local Historian

Old South High Street, Harrisonburg

This new and deeply local history talk will focus on the historic Old South High neighborhood and the early industrialization of Harrisonburg. Among many important characters in the story are Philo Bradley, Juliet Strayer, Winfield Liggett, Joshua Wilton, Eugene Tutwiler, Addie Burkholder, Jonas Lowenbach, and Roy Early. The discussion will explore the racial and economic histories of an era which left permanent marks on the people and places we know today.

E.K. Knappenberger is a local historian with a background in military intelligence, now working on religious and educational history. He has a graduate degree from Eastern Mennonite Seminary, and degrees from Eastern Mennonite University and Whatcom Community College. He has recently published several works on various local topics including the founding of JMU and EMU, Joseph Funk and Singer’s Glen, C.H. Brunk’s autobiography, and Maj. Jedidiah Hotchkiss’ 1840s unpublished early art.

Copies of Knappenberger’s book Old South High: Historical Investigations of Harrisonburg Landmarks including the Bradley foundry, the Tutwiler Estate, and the Strayer-Liggett-Early House will be sold to benefit Rocktown History.