Knocking Down Walls
The Deliberate Speed of Harrisonburg’s Federal Court

Premiered on Thursday, May 25, 2023 at Court Square Theater

The film is live on our YouTube page

The Honorable Thurgood Marshall offered a  powerful reflection regarding the equal role that American citizens play alongside the American courts when he said,

The legal system can force open doors, and sometimes even knock down walls, but it cannot build bridges. That job belongs to you and me.

It is within this spirit that Rocktown History has partnered with Rockingham County Public Schools to tell the powerful story of Judge John Paul and how he handed down the first decision to order school desegregation from the Federal Courthouse in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

A dedicated student team spent the past year researching, interviewing, and learning about this pivotal story in Virginia’s history. Come recognize these young historians and their special guests: those who lived this history and told their stories.

A working session with the students and several of the generous individuals who were willing to share their stories as plaintiffs in the case of Kilby vs. Warren County.

Funds raised during the 2021 Great Community Give have made this project possible.
Thank you to our generous donors.
The event is still in the planning stages. We are working to provide a recording, if not a livestream, for a wider audience.
Please save the date, and stay tuned for more details!