Rockingham County Tombstones by Cemetery

NOTE: An asterisk (*) indicates known African American cemeteries or cemeteries which may have slave burials. A hashtag (#) indicates cemeteries (1) listed under another name or (2) with no marker listings.

Cemetery NameLocation
A. W. Adams Place CemeteryMelrose area
Adam M. Long Family CemeteryNear Melrose
Altaffer Family CemeteryRockingham County
Ames Methodist Church Cemetery (*)Bridgewater
Ammon CemeteryMcGaheysville
Anderson Family CemeteryOttobine area
Anthony Showalter Place CemeteryBroadway area
Antioch Baptist Church CemeteryBrocks Gap/Runion Creek area
Antioch United Church of Christ CemeteryGreenmount area
Arch Roach CemeterySandy Bottom
Arey Family Cemetery 1Dry River area
Arey Family Cemetery 2West Rockingham County
Arkton Tunker Church CemeteryArkton
Armentrout Family Cemetery 1Penn Laird area
Armentrout Family Cemetery 2Rockingham County
Arrey – Fridley Family CemeteryFridley’s Gap
Ashenfelter CemeteryCootes Store area
Athens Cemetery (*)Northeast of Harrisonburg
Baldwin Family CemeteryNorth Edom area
Bank Mennonite Church CemeteryDry River area
Barley Family CemeteryLacey Springs
Baugher CemeteryElkton area
Baugher Family CemeterySandy Bottom
Baugher Family Cemetery 2Elkton area
Baxter Cemetery (*)Singers Glen area
Bazzle Family CemeteryMt. Valley area
Bear Lithia Spring CemeteryElkton area
Beaver Creek Brethren Church CemeteryNortheast of Spring Creek area
Beery Cemetery (#)Refer to the Edom Methodist Church Cemetery. The name has changed over the years.
Bernard Roller Farm Cemetery (#)Mt. Crawford
Beth-el CemeteryHarrisonburg
Bethel Church of the Brethren CemeteryMayland
Bethel Mennonite Church CemeteryBrocks Gap/Runion Creek area
Bethesda Mennonite Church CemeteryBroadway area
Bethlehem United Church of Christ CemeteryTenth Legion
Bible CemeteryFulks Run area
Bible Way Church of God in Christ Cemetery (*)Runkles Gap
Bibler Family CemeteryHarrisonburg
Billheimer CemeteryNortheast of Timberville
Blose Family CemeteryVerbena
Blosser Family CemeteryDayton
Bowman Family Cemetery 1Mauzy area
Bowman Family Cemetery 2War Branch/Peaked Mountain area
Bowman-Whitmer Family CemeteryMt. Clinton area
Brenneman Mennonite Church CemeteryEdom
Briery Branch Church of the Brethren CemeteryBriery Branch
Broadway Presbyterian Church CemeteryBroadway
Brock Cemetery KeezletownKeezletown area
Brock Cemetery Lacey SpringLacey Spring
Brown Family CemeteryMountain Valley area
Brown Memorial UCC Cemetery (#)McGaheysville
Brown’s Gap CemeteryGrottoes area
Brunk Family CemeteryBroadway area
Brush Brethren Church CemeterySingers Glen
Bryant Hollow Cemetery (*) (#)East Point area
Byerly Family CemeteryPleasant Valley
Byrd CemeteryCraney Island
Byrd Family CemeteryOttobine
Campbell Family CemeteryClover Hill area
Caplinger CemeteryCriders
Caplinger Family CemeteryCriders area
Caplinger Family Cemetery 2Fulks Run area
Cavetown Community CemeteryWest of Mauzy area
Cedar Grove United Methodist Church CemeteryCedar Grove
Cedar Run Church of the Brethren CemeteryCedar Run
Cemetery Larry McNeil Farm now Jack Walker FarmSouthwest of Port Republic
Cemetery on Avis Burke FarmPineville area
Cemetery on Elonzo O. Layman PropertyMountain Valley area
Cemetery on Route 11, Mauzy (#)South of Mauzy
Cemetery on Route 33 WestRockingham County
Cemetery on Roy Rhodes FarmEast Rockingham County
Champ G. Jennings Family CemeteryMauzy Area
Cherry Grove United Methodist Church CemeteryCherry Grove
Chrisman Burying Ground (*) (#)Near Stultz Mill
Claude A. Ritchie Place CemeteryLilly area
Click Family CemeteryBridgewater area
Clover Hill United Methodist Church CemeteryClover Hill
Coffman Farm CemeteryRockingham County
Combs-Ritchie CemeteryBergton Area
Concord UCC CemeteryTimberville area
Cooks Creek Presbyterian Church CemeteryEast of Mt. Clinton
Cooper Family CemeteryHinton Area
Cooper-May CemeteryBergton Area
Corbin Snyder CemeteryBergton Area
Crab Run Memorial CemeteryBergton Area
Crawford Family Cemetery 1From the intersection of Route 11 (South Main Street) and Route 659 (Port Republic Road)
Crawford Family Cemetery 2War Branch/Peaked Mountain area
Crider Cemetery #Refer to the Caplinger Cemetery. The name has changed over the years.
Cromer Family CemeteryAntioch area
Croushorn Family CemeteryNear Union Springs
Custer Family CemeteryFulks Run
Cyrus Dove CemeteryCriders Area
Cyrus Rhodes Family CemeteryMt. Valley area
Dan Turner Place CemeteryTurleytown area
Daniel T. Ritchie CemeteryBergton Area
David Reedy Place CemeterySingers Glen area
Dayton Baptist Church Cemetery #Refer to the Fishback Family Cemetery. The name has changed over the years.
Dayton CemeteryDayton
Dayton Mennonite Church CemeteryDayton
Dayton Presbyterian Church #Dayton
Dean Family CemeterySwift Run Gap
Dever Family Cemetery 1Spring Creek area
Dever Family Cemetery 2Spring Creek
Dingledine-Swartz Family CemeterySingers Glen area
Dinkel Cemetery – Bridgewater CollegeBridgewater
Dofflemyer CemeteryEast Point area
Donovan CemeteryHopkins Gap area
Dovel Cemetery #East Point area
Dovel-Stephens Family CemeteryMelrose area
Driver Family CemeterySingers Glen area
Driver-Zirkle Family Cemetery #Refer to the Zirkle-Driver Family Cemetery. The name has changed over the years.
Dry River Mennonite Church CemeteryRockingham County
Dungeon’s Chapel Graveyard (*)Pleasant Valley Area
Early CemeteryHarrisonburg
East Lawn Memorial GardensHarrisonburg
East Point CemeteryEast Point area
Ed Hensley CemeteryElkton area
Edom Methodist Church CemeteryEdom
Elk Run CemeteryElkton
Eppard CemeteryElkton Area
Ernest Dove CemeteryFulks Run area
Evers Family CemeterySingers Glen area
Fairview Church of the Brethren CemeteryNear Court Manor
Fawley-Fulk FamilyCemeteryFulks Run area
Fellowship United Methodist Church CemeteryMelrose Caverns
Fink CemeteryBergton Area
Fink-Moyer CemeteryBergton Area
Fishback Family CemeteryDayton
Fitzwater CemeteryFulks Run area
Flick – Huffman Cemetery (#)Refer to the Huffman – Flick Cemetery. The name has changed over the years.
Flick Family Cemetery 1Linville
Flick Family Cemetery 2Melrose
Flook Armentrout CemeteryEast of Lacey Spring
Flory Farm CemeteryCross Keys
Flory Fulk Place CemeteryFulk Run area
Foltz Family CemeteryMt. Valley
Frank Harman Place CemeteryNorth of Harrisonburg
Frederick Crider Family CemeteryCriders area
Freeze Family CemeterySingers Glen area
Fridley Family CemeteryLinville
Friedens Church CemeteryNear Mt. Crawford
Fulk-Fawley CemeteryFulks Run area
Funkhouser Family CemeteryRockingham County
Garber-Raish CemeteryHarrisonburg
Geil Family CemeteryBroadway
George Wyant CemeteryElkton area
Good Cemetery (#)Refer to the Michael Baker Cemetery. The name has changed over the years.
Good Family CemeteryRockingham County
Gospel Hill Mennonite Church CemeteryHopkins Gap
Gospel Hill Mennonite Church Cemetery (#)Mt. Clinton
Grace Mennonite Fellowship Church CemeteryLacey Spring
Grady Family Cemetery (#)South of Linville
Greenmount Brethren Church CemeteryGreenmount area
Greenwood CemeteryBridgewater
Greenwood Family Cemetery (*)Runkles Gap
Groves Hollow CemeteryBergton area
Halterman-Sirk Family CemeteryBergton
Haney Family CemeteryLocated at Fern Hill
Hansbrough CemeteryElkton area
Harnsberger Family CemeteryElkton area
Harrison & Effinger Family Cemetery (#)Harrisonburg
Harrison Family Cemetery 1Mauzy area
Harrison Family Cemetery 2Longs Pump area
Harrisonburg Methodist Church CemeteryHarrisonburg
Harshbarger Family CemeteryHarrisonburg
Harve Fulk Family CemeteryFulks Run area
Heavner Cemetery on David Crider PropertyFulks Run area
Hensley Community CemeteryElkton area
Hensley Hollow CemeteryHensley Hollow
Herman Fulk Farm CemeteryEast of Linville
Hernsberger/Wynant on Koogler Farm CemeteryBridgewater
Herwin Chapel E.U.B. Church CemeterySimmers Valley
Hess Family CemeteryFulks Run
Hillyard Family PlotWest of Tenth Legion
Hiram Dove CemeteryCriders area
Hitt Family CemeteryElkton area
Hohman Family CemeteryBroadway
Holiness Church CemeterySandy Bottom
Hollar Family CemeteryNorth of Singers Glen area
Holsinger Family CemeteryRockingham County
Holsinger-Showalter PlotTenth Legion area
Homan Family CemeteryBroadway
Hoof – Huff Family CemeteryTenth Legion
Hooke Family CemeteryPort Republic
Hoover Family Cemetery 1Near Timberville
Hoover Family Cemetery 2Fulks Run area
Horn Family CemeteryTurleytown
Hottinger Cemetery (#)Cootes Store area
Houston CemeteryLacey Spring Area
Hudlow Family CemeteryRockingham County
Huffman – Flick CemeteryLinville area
Huffman Family CemeteryTenth Legion
Hulvey Family Cemetery 1Fulks Run
Hulvey Family Cemetery 2Rockingham County
J.L. Strickler Farm CemeteryTenth Legion area
Jack Eaton Place CemeteryBeldor Area
Jacob Rhodes Family CemeteryMt. Valley area
Jacob Sellers CemeteryMauzy area
Jesse Wyant Family CemeteryBeldor Hollow
John F. Dove Place CemeteryEast of Singers Glen
John Grattan Family CemeteryMt. Crawford area
John Ritchie Place CemeteryLilly area
John Sellers (Zellers) CemeteryMauzy area
Jollett CemeteryJollett
Justus Dove Place Cemetery (*)Mayland
Justus Showalter Farm CemeteryDayton area
Keezletown Alms CemeteryKeezletown
Keezletown CemeteryKeezletown
Keller Family CemeteryRockingham County
Kennedy Family CemeteryHarrisonburg
Kerlin CemeteryMauzy area
Kirkpatrick Place CemeteryRockingham County
Kline Family Cemetery 1Broadway
Kline Family Cemetery 2Broadway area
Koogler Farm CemeteryBridgewater
Koontz Community CemeteryNorth of Elkton
Koontz Family CemeteryMauzy area
Kring Salvage CemeteryRefer to Salvage Kring Cemetery for information.
Lacey Spring CemeteryLacey Spring
Lam CemeteryElkton Area
Lam Family CemeteryRockingham County
Lam or Lamb CemeteryPineville area
Lamon Family CemeteryMayland area
Lawson May CemeteryBennetts Run
Leedy CemeteryHarrisonburg
Leigh Family CemeteryEast of Elkton
Lewis Family CemeteryLynwood
Lewis Ritchie CemeteryFulks Run area
Lincoln Family CemeteryNorth of Edom
Lindale Mennonite Church CemeteryEdom
Linville CemeteryLinville
Linville Cemetery (*)Linville
Linville Congregational Christian Church Cemetery (#)Refer to the Linville Cemetery. The name has changed over the years.
Linville Creek Ch of Brethren Cem – Negro Section (*)Broadway
Linville Creek Church of the Brethren CemeteryBroadway
Louis E. Swank Place CemeterySingers Glen area
Luther Crider Place CemeteryCrider area
Mabel Memorial Presbyterian Chapel CemeteryHarrisonburg
Mace CemeteryBrowns Gap area
Magill-McGill-Gibbons Plantation CemeteryBridgewater area
Maiden CemeteryBeldor area
Martin Koontz CemeteryEast of Lacey Spring
Martin Luther Lutheran Church CemeteryBergton Area
Martin Whetzel Family PlotCriders area
Martz CemeteryMt. Valley area
Martz Cemetery AKA Bethleham UCC Cemetry (#)Tenth Legion
Martz Family Cemetery 1Tenth Legion area
Martz Family Cemetery 2Lacey Spring area
Massanutten Cross Keys CemeteryCross Keys
Mauzy Family CemeteryMauzy area
May Cemetery (1)Criders Area
May Cemetery (2)Criders Area
McCoy CemeteryElkton area
McGill or Gibson Burying Ground (*)(#)South of Bridgewater
Meadows Cemetery aka Cem. On Odell Hensley FarmDry Run
Merica CemeteryElkton area
Messick Family CemeteryWest of Timberville
Michael Baker CemeteryFulks Run
Mill Creek Church of the Brethren CemeteryPort Republic
Miller Family Cemetery 1Pineville area
Miller Family Cemetery 2Fulks Run
Miller Family Cemetery 3Rockingham County
Miller-Pence Family CemeteryEast Rockingham County
Minnick Family CemeteryRockingham County
Moffett Family CemeteryNear Timberville
Monger CemeteryElkton area
Mongold CemeteryBergton Area
Mongold Family CemeteryBergton area
Moore CemeteryNear Melrose
Moore Family CemeteryNorth Rockingham County
Morris Cemetery (#)Grottoes area
Morris Cemetery AKA Lay Cemetery (#)North of Elkton
Mountain Valley Church CemeteryMountain Valley area
Mowbray Family CemeteryNorth of Elkton
Moyers Family CemeteryBergton
Moyers Family Cemetery 2Singers Glen area
Mt. Carmel Evangelical United Brethren Ch CemeteryFulks Run area
Mt. Clinton Mennonite Church CemeteryMt. Clinton
Mt. Crawford CemeteryMt. Crawford
Mt. Crawford Community Cemetery (*)Mt. Crawford
Mt. Crawford Methodist Church Cemetery (#)Refer to the Mt. Crawford Cemetery. The name has changed over the years.
Mt. Crawford Old Baptist Church CemeteryMt. Crawford
Mt. Crawford Reformed Church Cemetery (#)Refer to the Mt.Crawford Cemetery. The name has changed over the years.
Mt. Grove Church of the Brethren Cemetery (#)Fulks Run area
Mt. Grove Community Chapel CemeteryPenn Laird
Mt. Horeb CemeteryHinton
Mt. Moriah United Methodist Church Cemetery (*)Grottoes
Mt. Olive Brethren Church CemeteryPineville area
Mt. Olivet Brethren Church Cemetery 2Cootes Store area
Mt. Olivet CemeteryMcGaheysville
Mt. Paran Baptist Church Cemetery (*)Elkton
Mt. Pleasant Church of The Brethren CemeteryHarrisonburg
Mt. Pleasant Mennonite Church CemeteryDayton
Mt. Sinai Baptist Church Cemetery (*)East Point area
Mt. Sinai United Methodist Church CemeteryHarrisonburg
Mt. Zion Church of the Brethren CemeteryRockingham County
Mt. Zion United Methodist Church CemeteryBloomer Spring area
Myers Family CemeteryBroadway
Nangus (Vernangus) Shifflett Family CemeterySkyline Drive
Nave Family CemeteryCootes Store area
Naylor CemeteryElkton Area
Nesselrodt PlotBergton area
New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery (*)McGaheysville
New Hope United Church of Christ Cemetery1020 Smithland Road
Newtown Cemetery (*)Harrisonburg
Nim Dove CemeteryCriders Area
Northern Methodist CemeteryMt. Crawford
Oak Grove CemeteryFulks Run area
Oak Grove Mennonite Church CemeteryEast of Dayton
Oak Lawn CemeteryBridgewater
Offenbacker Family CemeteryNorth of Elkton
Old Athens Church Cemetery (*)Northeast of Harrisonburg
Old Bethel United Brethren Church CemeteryKeezletown area
Old Bowman Graveyard (#)Refer to the Geil Family Cemetery. The name has changed over the years.
Old Criders CemeteryCriders
Old Forge Church Cemetery (United Brethren)Grottoes
Old Garber Church Brethren Cemetery (#)Refer to Garber-Raish Cemetery. The name has changed over the years.
Old Linville Creek Baptist Church Cemetery (#)Refer to the Myers Family Cemetery. The church no longer exists and the name has changed over the years.
Old Methodist Church CemeteryRefer to Spears Family Cemetery for information.
Old Ritchie Place CemeteryRockingham County
Old Stephens CemeteryLacey Spring
Old Weaver Mennonite Church Cemetery (#)Refer to the Shank Cemetery. The name has changed over the years.
Ottobine United Methodist Church CemeteryOttobine
Parkerson CemeteryFulks Run area
Peak Pentecostal Church Cemetery (*)West Rockingham County
Peaked Mountain Church CemeteryMcGaheysville
Perry Moyers Memorial CemeteryBergton Area
Peter Paul Family Cemetery (#)Refer to the Dayton Cemetery.
Pike Mennonite Church CemeteryHarrisonburg
Pine Grove Church of the Brethren CemeteryLacey Spring
Pirkey Family CemeteryEast of Harrisonburg
Pleasant Grove EUB Church CemeterySouth of Mt. Crawford
Pleasant Valley Alms CemeteryHarrisonburg
Pleasant Valley Mennonite Fellowship Church Cem.Pleasant Valley area
Pleasant View Mennonite Church CemeteryWest of Dayton
Polser (Palser) Family CemeteryKeezletown
Port Republic CemeteryPort Republic
Port Republic Methodist Church Abandoned CemeteryPort Republic
Port Republic Old Presbyterian Church CemeteryPort Republic
Rader Family CemeteryBroadway area
Raders Lutheran Church CemeteryBroadway area
Ralph Heatwole Place CemeteryHinton area
Ralph Phillips Place CemeteryRockingham County
Rawley Springs Mennonite Church CemeteryRawley Springs
Reedy Cemetery 1Genoa
Reedy Cemetery 2Turleytown area
Reedy Family CemeteryWengers Mill
Rest Haven CemeteryHarrisonburg
Rhodes (Roth) Family CemeteryBroadway area
Rice Family CemeteryWest of Dayton
Riddle Family CemeteryBroadway area
Riddle Place now Turner CemeteryFulks Run area
Rife Family CemeteryTimberville area
Rinace CemeteryPage County
Ritchie Family CemeteryFulks Run
Riverdale Mennonite Church CemeteryWest of Dayton
Riverside Cemetery (#)Port Republic
Roach Cemetery (#)Sandy Bottom
Roadcap Family CemeteryFulks Run
Robert Farley Farm Cemetery (#)Dayton area
Rosenberger – Sipe Family CemeteryTenth Legion
Rosenberger CemeteryEast of Tenth Legion
Runions Creek CemeteryBrocks Gap/Runion Creek area
Salem Baptist Church Cemetery (#)Refer to the Fishback Family Cemetery. The name has changed over theyears.
Salvage Kring CemeteryBroadway area
Samuel Eaton GraveSingers Glen area
Samuel Heiston CemeteryNorthwest of Elkton
Samuel Rhodes Farm CemeteryBroadway area
Sandy Bottom Cemetery in National ParkSandy Bottom
Saufley CemeterySouth of Mt. Crawford
Sellers CemeteryMelrose Caverns
Sellers Cemetery 2Mauzy area
Shady Grove United Brethren Church CemeteryPort Republic area
Shank CemeteryFrom the corner of Route 33 West & Route 42 North in Harrisonburg
Shaver Family Cemetery 1Crider
Shaver Family Cemetery 2Cedar Run area
Shifflett CemeteryLynwood area
Shipp Family CemeteryWest of Elkton
Shoemaker Family PlotNear Genoa Rockingham County
Showalter-Holsinger Plot (#)Tenth Legion area
Shuler Family CemeteryPage County
Shultz (Shoup) CemeteryDaphna
Siever Cemetery (#)Bergton Area
Siever Run CemeteryCriders area
Silas Dove CemeteryBergton Area
Simmons Family CemeteryRawley Springs area
Singers Glen CemeterySingers Glen
Sipe CemeteryElkton
Siron May Farm CemeteryRockingham County
Slate Lick Run CemeteriesRockingham County
Slate Lick Run CemeteryRockingham County
Smith CemeteryBennetts Run
Smith Cemetery aka Smith Chapel SiteElkton area
Smith Creek CemeteryNortheast Rockingham County
Smith Family CemeteryRockingham County
Smith Roach Family CemeteryOn the Skyline Drive
Solomon Ritchie Family CemeteryFulks Run
Souder Family CemeteryBergton area
Sours Family Burial PlotRockingham County
Spaders Lutheran Church Cemetery (#)Pleasant Valley area
Spears Family CemeteryNorth of Edom
Spitzer Family CemeteryMayland area
Spring Creek Community Christian Fellowship ChurchSpring Creek
Spring Creek Negro Cemetery (*)Briery Branch area
St. Hebron Baptist Church Cemetery (*)Greenwood area
St. Jacob’s Lutheran Church CemeteryPleasant Valley area
St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Chapel CemeteryCootes Store area
St. Johns Lutheran Church CemeterySingers Glen
St. Lukes United Church of Christ CemeteryCootes Store area
St. Michael’s Reformed Church CemeterySouth of Bridgewater
St. Paul United Methodist Church Cemetery (*)Newtown (near Elkton)
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church CemeteryEast of Timberville
St. Peter’s Lutheran Church CemeteryFrom Courthouse in Harrisonburg
Stoner Family CemeteryWest of Timberville
Stoutamyer Family Cemetery (#)Bridgewater area
Strayer Family CemeteryLynnwood
Strickler Family CemeteryCourt Manor area
Summers Family CemeteryLacey Spring area
Swank Place Cemetery (*)(#)Edom
Swartz-Dingledine Family CemeterySingers Glen area
Thomas Family Cemetery 1Near Timberville
Thomas Family Cemetery 2Harrisonburg
Tide Spring Farm of Neal Riddle (#)Southwest of Broadway
Timberville CemeteryTimberville
Trinity Lutheran Church CemeteryNear Harrisonburg
Trissels Mennonite Church CemeteryBroadway area
Trout Family CemeteryEdom area
Trumbo Family CemeteryFulks Run
Tunis Cemetery aka Runions Creek CemeteryBrocks Gap/Runion Creek area
Turley CemeteryTurleytown
Turner Family CemeteryFulks Run
Turner Zirk Farm CemeteryEast of Linville
Turnner Family Cemetery (*)Runkles Gap
Tusing Cemetery (#)Refer to the Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery the name has been changed.
Twin Maple Farm CemeteryDry River area
Unknown 01 Family CemeterySingers Glen area
Urner Family CemeteryBroadway area
Vanpelt CemeteryRefer to Frank Harman Place Cemetery for information.
Viands Family CemeteryViands Family Cemetery
Wampler Family CemeteryBroadway area
Wease Cemetery (#)Refer to Mt. Grove Community Chapel Cemetery the name has been changed.
Weavers Mennonite Church CemeteryHarrisonburg
Webster Family CemeteryHarrisonburg
Whetzel Family CemeteryCriders area
Whetzel PlotOn Top of Shenandoah Mountain. Probably on West Virginia side of mountain.
Whitesels United Brethren Church CemeteryPleasant Valley area
Whitmer CemeteryBrocks Gap area
Whitmer Family CemeteryMt. Crawford
Whitmer-Bowman Family CemeteryMt. Clinton area
Whitmore Family CemeteryKeezletown
Whitsels EUB Church Cemetery (#)Refer to the Pleasant Grove EUB Church Cemetery. The name has changed over the years.
Williams Family CemeteryEast of Elkton
Wine Family CemeteryBriery Branch area
Winfield Homestead Cemetery (*)Broadway
Wise CemeteryNortheast Rockingham County
Wise Family CemeteryKeezletown area
Woodbine CemeteryHarrisonburg
Woodland Presbyterian Church CemeteryNorth of Singers Glen
Wyant Cemetery (Alexander)Elkton area
Yancey Family CemeteryElkton area
Yankey Family PlotTop of Shenandoah Mountain
Yankeytown CemeteryFulks Run area
Yount Family CemeteryPort Republic
Zetty (Zettee) Family CemeteryTenth Legion
Zetty-Carpenter Family CemeteryNorth Rockingham County
Zion Mennonite Church CemeteryDahpna
Zirkle-Driver Family CemeteryTenth Legion